HOW THE BRIGHT EARTH SPUN LIKE A JEWEL by Henry Rago from the collection A Sky of Late Summer


How the bright earth spun like a jewel          
Like a wizard’s toy, like the first of three wishes
And whirled and blurred
until it’s lights were        all
And all it’s colors    all

And we from large and nothing fell
To small in all
And the gradual nothing to suddenly all
And all before us let the smallest song tell
Spinning as simply as its simple syllable
And over and over and over
For it is All 

Now our three colors splash upon the air

CHICAGO BLUES by Barry Oreck

I got the blues in Chicago
And they never would leave me alone        
I been a whole lot of places
But the blues calls me back to my home

There was Muddy & Buddy & Willie and Wolf
Showing us how to play
Ah ah ah the blues sets the table
For all the hard living hard luck fables
Dealing with the devil and a broken heart
To rock ‘em and smile through pain

I certainly do feel pain, But I sing it along its way
With a stomp and a howl and a stingin’ guitar
Beat the devil at his game, Yes beat the devil at his game

And then the next generation
Took the keys to the highway and drove
Across oceans and borders
Through purple haze and a spoonful of love

There was Jimmy and Janis and Eric and John
Doing it all their way
Ah ah ah the blues crosses over
You can play it real fast or much slower
You’re rollin and tumbling, you can whisper or shout
Got to get that mojo out, Yes get your mojo out

Can’t let the world shove you around
You’ve got power in the rhythm and you’re ready to roll
Feel the music in your soul, Yes it reaches to my soul

All styles and persuasions
From rock to jazz to folkies like me
We’ve got the blues inspiration
And a way to speak the truth and be free

There’s Bonnie and Dave, Odetta and Doc
From the country to straight downtown
Ah, ah, ah the blues knows no limits
But it doesn’t take kindly to gimmicks
It’s a river of history, a winding road
The whole world in a 12-bar groove 

Gotta get into the groove
Make your body move
Standing at the crossroads
And the road ahead
It feels like goin home, It feels like goin home, yes Chicago is my home.

OLD MAN lyrics by Larry Stallman

I'm an old man now, but I wasn't one before.
I did this and that, had adventures & much more;                          
I won’t tell you about it, the whole story's just a bore.      

Now after I get up, and put some food into my face;
I choose a direction,and walk at my own pace,
It doesn’t really matter if I wind up any place. 


I don’t need your nickel I don’t need your dime;  
I don’t need your kindness and I don’t need your time;
I don’t need your food I don’t need your drink;
And don’t share your opinion ‘cause I don’t care what you think.  

You don’t need to bless me every time I up and sneeze;                 
You don’t have to thank me and the magic word ain’t “please”
You don’t have to leave a tip, you can get up off your knees
I’m not coming to your house, so you can hold on to your keys.  

I don’t care if what you’re telling me is false, or if it’s true;                         
Just leave me alone and I’ll do the same for you;   
Don’t sell me what you’re sellin’ with that pitch you’ve got down pat;
I don’t need nothin’ nor nobody, ‘cept my little orange cat. 

Yeah, I’m old and I’m happy; You’ll just have to live with that.
Yeah, I’m old and I’m happy; You’ll have to live with that.
Yeah, I’m old and I’m happy; I’m old and I’m happy, I’m old and I’m happy
You’ll have to live with that.       

I’m an old man now. 


WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Lyrics by Barry Oreck and Jessica Nicoll

Where are you going?
Have you been this way before?
I know that every road leads right back to my door.
What are you saying?
I hear you when I wake.
I long to see your face And feel your embrace.  
It was a sunny Tuesday morning And I watched you go
Closed the door, walked up the street And turned – came back no more.
Where you’re going I don’t want to know
I don’t want to know, I don’t want to go

Some day I will cry
Until then I can’t  start to say goodbye    
Some day I will cry.

Though I am lonely I do not walk alone
In dreams I find you  and try to bring you home.
Though I can’t hold you I carry you everywhere
The longer we are apart the more I feel you there

Learning that memories They are the ties that bind
If I can’t hold you in my arms Then I’ll hold you in my mind…    
In the wind, on the leaves I feel you smile…
Stay with me a while I want you for all time.


No matter how long dear you know that I’m still here
Singing those song we remember  Grateful for the years.
Spinning and reeling we’re lost before we’re found
dancing in the darkness upon the shifting ground.
Looking ahead but not forgetting the past
we take the road that leads away then doubles back
In the time it takes to say goodbye I can say I’ll try.  
I’ll try


COLD WATER Lyrics by Larry Stallman and Barry Oreck 

The winter sun sets suddenly
A chill invades the soul
last light of love extinguishes
bright star into black hole
We saw the angels in each other’s eyes
We had Heaven for a spell
Now we freeze, and quake and shiver;
And spend our nights in hell.

Cold water on a red hot pan;
Warps the iron, cracks the steel;
Once our love was cast in time; Nothing else was real.
Our love once glowed it burned so bright
Now ice is all we feel

When I said the stars were shining
You said clouds obscured the sky.
When I said we soared like eagles;
You said we could no longer fly.
When I told you that I loved you so
You sat silently and cried
How can this bond forged in heat
Simply shatter and die?


I remember days on mountains;
When you warmed me with your smiles.
I remember when we walked through days;
And never felt the miles.
I remember when you gifted me
with your eternal soul
Now just like that it’s over
Two hearts frozen at the poles.


CRAMPS by Barry Oreck

I’m dancing all over like gramps
Screamin bloody murder, no thanks
There’s nothing you can do for me
Its nothing but misery, It’s Cramps

Sitting on the couch as relaxed as can be
When a giant contraction grabs a hold of me
Grabs my leg so hard it has me in a vice
Now I’m twisted like a pretzel and it don’t feel nice 


Skiing all day and my body feels great
Eating lots of food, not forgetting to hydrate
So when it came on I was totally surprised
Now I’m writhin’ on the floor with tears in my eyes 


You can eat all your bananas and a double dose of salt
But it doesn’t do a thing to bring this monster to a halt
It could start out in your toe and make a quick accent
Till you feel like a frog in a science experiment

Oh my calf, you might even laugh
Oh my thigh, this one’s really no lie
Oh my foot, I’d stretch it if I could
But its a pain that has no end
Twistin’ parts not meant to bend
Not a state I’d recommend

Its Cramps